About us


Meclinas is a research unit, specialized in clinical studies for ambulatory drugs, psychiatric medicine, vaccinations, nutrition, cosmetics and medical devices

The center was officially established on 27 June 2023 by Ine Vercammen and Dr. Andreas Frans. Both childhood friends with a shared passion: the health of tomorrow!

For Meclinas, respect is paramount, both for the expectations of the clients of the studies, as well as for the well-being of the participants and the satisfaction of our staff.

This translates into quality and transparency which imbues us as a company as well as the working atmosphere.

Founder & CEO
Ine Vercammen

Ine Vercammen, KULeuven alumni, has been passionate about clinical research throughout her career.

Throughout her career, she has progressed through every position available from study coordinator to clinical research associate, clinical lead and Study Operations Manager.

Meanwhile, active as a freelancer, she saw the needs of the Belgian and European market and decided to develop a solution for it herself.

She is the founder and CEO of Meclinas and the driving force of the team.

Founder & CEO
Ine Vercammen

Dr. Andreas Frans

Dr. Andreas Frans has a passion for innovation and is committed to progressive projects.

As a student already committed to national and international representation and throughout his education he is always working on the next project; Andreas believes in the importance of preventive medicine

As co-founder of our center, he brings with him, in addition to his clinical knowledge, his experience with start-ups and recruiting volunteers. He is responsible for Meclinas ' medical policy.

Dr. Andreas Frans
Principal Investigator
Dr. Claudia Cornelis

Principal Investigator Dr. Claudia Cornelis

Dr. Claudia Cornelis has gained a lot of experience with clinical studies throughout her PhD and has a heart for qualitative research in which the patient is always central. 

Currently, she is active as a psychiatrist in the Psychiatric Center Multiversum and recently, as Principal Investigator, she helps ensure the independent and professional services of our center.

She is responsible for the clinical studies of Meclinas.